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Portland Concrete Specialists

Concrete Services in Portland

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    Forming the basis of all masonry work, concrete services are the foundation of many, if not all building and decorating projects. Anyone who intends to build a new driveway, put up walls or pillars, lay foundation or get to work on a new deck, needs to have quality concrete specialists on hand. Portland Concrete Specialists endeavors to help all our customers with the most basic to the most complicated concrete, asphalt, and cement work. Our in-house specialists have been working for years in Portland to provide our city with a tremendous range of concrete services.

    About Us

    Our company has a substantial track record that includes municipal, residential and commercial work. We develop and service project sites for a variety of clientele both in the residential home mark and commercial concrete services industry. Our customers might request work ranging from one or two days to months-long, large scale concrete repair and patching work – whatever the need we are happy to help. Our company will work with you and your company to ensure the best prices with a guarantee of great workmanship. We do our best to deliver our customers with the finest specialist work and customer service.


    Every home begins with a foundation.  Every wall rests strong dependable pillars.  Every garden, every driveway, every deck – they all require some kind of concrete workmanship. Commercial real estate is constantly in need of repair, and the city of Portland with its growing population and developing urban area require specialist asphalt and cement services that are made to last. Whatever you need, whatever you budget, we work with you to deliver high-quality services and professional well-trained contractors.

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    Concrete forming, slab construction, delivery, and pumping – our residential service division handles everything you may need in the Portland area. Organizing, collection and delivery of equipment for the dates and times that you need are what is at the core of our successes. For years our team has managed projects for customers all over Portland with great success. Allow us to take care of everything related to your construction, renovation, and repair needs.

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    Communication and trust are the cornerstones of our relationships with our customers.  Our commercial concrete services team has worked on rental properties, office buildings, industrial and municipal buildings as well as containment slabs and parking lots. If you need experts in the field with a rich client base of partners and quick responsive delivery and want project completion dates that you can trust. Then we are here to help.

    “I like them because they’re consistent, I’ve had many repair jobs done over the years but none as thorough as these folks. The costs I usually have to be always involved EXTRAS but with the contractors from Portland I got exactly what I asked for and will definitely call them again” – Jimmy S


    Our decorative service portfolio includes work on stained and stamped concrete designs, pools and outdoor decorative features and art finishing that enhance the look of your workspaces, outdoor areas, and residential facades.

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    Foundations and Walls

    Pouring and forming walls and foundations is a multistage process and can be overwhelming for an inexperienced team. We have worked on several projects from the ground up and our years of experience have informed some of the innovations and techniques we employ. Our company works with only the best materials, contractors and supplies to ensure high safety stands. If you're interested in laying a strong foundation for your current or future construction projects then our team can help.

    professional concrete services expert working on foundation and wall

    “The company was fast on delivery and fast on collection for the equipment and supplies. I’m really impressed. The customer service people were also pretty helpful when I had questions about how long everything would take to set. Really appreciate the time they took to get everything right” – Anna W

    professional concrete services expert working on demolition and excavation

    Demolition and Excavation

    Our professional foundation team ensures that a leveled well-prepared surface is filled and compacted before any work begins on walls and foundations. We work with our demolition and excavation experts to guarantee a clean surface before any project. Our team will tear down and remove any obstructions in order to make space for a new building site, pool or driveway. The final result of this is that you can get to work on your new project faster and without the hassle of needing to deal with unsafe debris from a previous construction project.

    professional concrete services expert working on repair

    Concrete Repair

    Cracks, weathering, and corrosion all contribute to the breakdown of concrete structures. If you have any concrete feature, be it a pathway, deck, wall or sidewalk that is damaged or needs reinforcement then we can help. Our team uses advanced techniques to save you money and ensure that your concrete features last for years and years. Concrete driveway repair, deck repair, concrete patching are all done with expert workmanship and in a timely fashion.

    “We had a big city project that needed to be done and they helped to work out all the logistics for us. They even handled the cleanup. I work with a lot of contractors but your team over performed. The repair work done on some of the older features in the area was fantastic” – Greg  H

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    So you’ve decided to do your research, your planning or have already started a project that needs strict deadlines to meet, professional contractors and experts who can help deal with unforeseen delays or force-majeure events that will inevitably occur. Our company specializes in guiding our clients through the process, acquisition, and execution of all construction-related projects. If you're not sure about all the details, give us a call and we can help work out the specific with you. With minimal fuss and quick results, we’ll get you started faster than anyone in the Portland area.