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Concrete Repair Portland

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Well-installed concrete is extremely durable and will last years without maintenance. However, even the most durable of materials does wear with enough time and exposure. This wear and tear may happen much faster if the original concrete work was not done well. In order to ensure that further damage does not occur, it is important to have expert contractors handling the initial process of repair and installation. Our company is experienced with repairing and patching cracked and damaged concrete and offers services that include deck, driveway, walls and structural and decorative concrete repair. We use several different methods to restore concrete to its original state, maintaining structural safety and integrity. With our team of specialist contractors, we can help you with concrete repair and patching for all conditions.

Repairing Cracks

The process of repairing large cracks in walls, sidewalks or patios is referred to as stitching. Stitching often involves drilling into slabs of concrete and filling the spaces in the concrete with epoxy. There are multiple stitching techniques used and our team is proficient in slot, cross and ubar stitching to name a few. We have used these methods for years, repairing pavement, driveways, and walkways all around Portland. Our team of contractors specializes in effective backfill application which reinforces strength and creates a great looking finish once the repairs are complete.


Spalling occurs when concrete is exposed to temperature changes that result in moisture seeping into the concrete reducing durability and strength. Spalling is a serious problem that can cost you thousands in damages and reduces the overall safety of a building. In order to avoid the risk of further damage and costly repairs, our team will help to mitigate the damage of spalling on any concrete work that we provide. The expansion of concrete warps the look and can cause damage to other areas of your home or commercial property. If you’ve noticed spalling at one of your properties give us a call and we can come over to a quick assessment of the damage and repairs that may be needed. Spalling that is allowed to sit unresolved can be dangerous to the health and safety of everyone on-site. 00 words on that characteristic.


Concrete grouting involves the injection of a mixture of material in order to seal off gaps, cracks, and empty pockets. When preparing for grouting, all debris, pieces of old concrete and dirt are removed. Following this, holes are created in which a polyurethane mix is injected. This ensures that water is unable to get into the cracks in concrete or the space between slabs. When repairing decks, pool and patios grouting provides fast results. Our company assists customers like you to get hassle-free repairs without the cost of replacing current concrete fixtures. Let us handle and smooth over any repairs you may have around the home.

Concrete Patching

Patching concrete may involve minor repairs or extensive detailed multistage work. Our team uses repair mortar to patch cracks and holes in concrete. When done right we can ensure that your concrete stays protected for years.  Concrete patching services also involve the leveling of damaged uneven surfaces. Our team has experienced patching solutions for any damage that we might encounter. If the damage involves larger cracks the removal of loose material before patching is vital to creating a smooth surface. If you're interested in minor or major concrete repairs, give our company a call and get a quote for all your patching needs.

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