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professional concrete services expert working on commercial project

Professional looking commercial spaces require high-quality construction and workmanship. Our commercial services division is here to assist you in the building development and repair of all your commercial property needs. Spread out across the city of Portland, our teams have been working for years on hundreds of different commercial projects. Concrete has a number of different uses and allows us to offer a range of commercial services including working on streets, sidewalks, gutters, and commercial entryways. In addition to cement construction services, we also provide repair and patching services for asphalt and concrete that has been damaged or weathered.


Asphalt repair in Portland is one of the areas in which our company has particular expertise. We ensure that the streets in our local area are constructed and maintained to the highest safety standards. Our team begins the construction process by planning, our engineers and construction experts consider the traffic and pedestrian needs. We work on the pouring, paving, and construction of asphalt or concrete roadways. In order to prevent potholes and cracks, we ensure that our concrete slabs are of the highest quality. Our company works to repair roads as well as construct them. Our repairing services cover-up and compact unsightly and dangerous potholes.


Part of our street construction work involves the development and placing of sidewalks. Our company mixes materials and lays out plans for sidewalks and walkways. We construct well-paved pedestrian areas for homes, offices and municipal buildings. With guaranteed quality and workmanship we have built transportation infrastructure around Portland for customers in many different industries. Good sidewalks are key to providing your customers, employees and the public with a safe area to navigate the buildings or streets in your areas. To ensure the construction of a smooth walkway our team ensures that all preparation services, excavation, and removal of obstacles is done in a timely manner.


Poor drainage, rainwater, and waste flow often lead to extensive property damage. Ill-constructed gutters only contribute to these problems. Our company offers solutions to all of these problems. With various means to resolve these issues, our team will ensure that water flow is built to contain and prevent flooding in commercial and residential areas.  We take into consideration capacity, expense, and quality when assisting our customers. If you need gutters constructed, repaired or demolished and rebuilt, we can help you.  Our customer service teams are waiting for your call, with quotations and details about how we can help you.


All manner of patios, steps and concrete pathways surround commercial buildings. Creating professional-looking outdoor spaces and entryways is important to many businesses. Your employees and customers need to see that the exterior of your company reflects the kind of work and level of professionalism that makes them want to invest. Our company offers services designed to anticipate the needs of your business and provide entryway solutions that are well constructed and as well as functional. If you need concrete design and forming work done by professionals, use our contact page to get in touch via email or phone to get fast effective service.

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