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Foundations and Walls

professional concrete contractor working on foundation and walls

Residents of Portland interested in building strong dependable walls and foundations should consider our company for all their foundation and wall needs. We have poured concrete and formed walls for years ensuring that contractors have the best start to major projects. Regardless of your undertaking, our team is here to help. The different types of walls and foundations that we construct include slab, slab, basement, foundation and load-bearing walls. We are ready to accommodate any need and support you in building the foundations for any of your building projects. If you are interested in masonry, stone, retaining or precast walls our specialists are able to deliver in a matter of days.

Slab Foundations

The pouring of slab foundation may seem simple but requires expert workmanship to get right. Slab foundation if usually, 4 to 6 inches think; concrete is poured with leveling and full coverage in mind. It takes a specialist to ensure that cracks do not occur. Slab foundation is often reinforced to ensure that regardless of weather conditions your foundation stays firm. The process is relatively easy to complete with a trained team. We have experience in both fast service delivery and provide great attention to detail for all our customers. With slab foundations you have a wide range of choices for aesthetic overlays and coating.

Basement Foundations

Our company provides material for basement and crawlspace foundations. Depending on depth and floor space requirements we can design a safe and secure basement for your residential or commercial property. If you want the extra space provided by a basement then you need to have a solid base to start from. Our team will provide you with the least expensive reinforced foundation options. Base foundations hold up your home, office or commercial buildings, it is important that the best workmanship is Let us take you through the process and provide a quote for all your needs.

Precast Foundation Walls

Precast foundation walls save money and time for our customers and contractors. Building using precast walls assists in speeding up projects while also providing peace of mind. Precast foundation walls are quality tested and reinforced to ensure strength and durability. Precast walls are resistant to water damage and remain solid for years and years. Using cement injection and reinforcing bars, precast walls are the best choice for your foundation. Our team is ready to deliver and install our walls on demand. Our specialists will be on-site to begin work as soon as you conclude discussions with our customer service team.

Retaining and Load bearing Walls

Load-bearing walls are primarily used for lateral support of buildings and structures. In foundations, these walls must be strong enough to resist the weight of sand, especially for basement foundations. Our company provides concrete pouring for retaining walls.  In order to ensure consistent quality and high safety standards, you need the finest specialist contractors when putting up walls and foundation. We take special precautions to give our customers the best quality service. The dangers of using subpar services cannot be understated. Contact us immediately for a safety evaluation and guidelines as to how our team can help you secure your building projects.

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