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Demolition and Excavation

professional concrete contractor working on demolition and excavation

Our company performs demolition of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal buildings. Construction site grading, backfill and compacting as well as dirt and gravel excavation in order to remove material from a construction site and the development of new projects are all services we can provide. We offer deployment of on side demolition materials for concrete demolition and after the debris is broken down our team will remove any leftover material. If you need large cumbersome excavation done before a project or require the disposal of materials from previous construction work, give us a call and a team can be sent right over to assess your needs.

Concrete Demolition

Concrete demolition refers to the breaking down of any concrete structure and removing the old building from a site. In order to tear down a building, we employ safe and controlled demolitions. This can be down with explosives that help us to collapse the structure quickly. An alternative method would be the ball and crane, in which our team would deploy equipment on-site that would demolish and remove all building material afterward. Whichever method you choose, our experienced team can assist to demolish buildings quickly and safely. Demolition of concrete using is relatively inexpensive and is often the first step in most projects that we assist with.

Pneumatic Breakers

Pneumatic Breakers are a  method of demolition that many contractors in the industry use to break down building sites. Using a telescoping boom allows our team to navigate around a site, breaking apart large blocks of building material into smaller more manageable chunks. This method also allows for work in areas that are difficult to access, for example, underwater areas. We often deploy manual and robotic breakers that ensure safety for our staff and allows our team to demolish a building in a fast and effective manner. With machine mounted breakers complex tasks take a matter of hours instead of days. By utilizing breakers, our team is able to minimize the amount of time it takes to tear down and clean up sites.

Pressure Bursting

Pressure bursting is a dust-free method of demolishing thick walls by using hydraulic and chemical pressure. The advantage of pressure bursting is that its quiet and relatively inexpensive. Our company has years of experience cutting and dismantling buildings using this method. Depending on the location of the site and the surrounding areas, it may be appropriate to use pressure bursting instead of other demolition methods. Residential areas, for example, may require you to use methods of demolition that produce little noise or debris. Our team can get set up and begin the process of demolition and clean up within days of contacting us via email - for faster response times and on-demand service, give us a call and set up a consultation.


We offer excavation for pools, pond, foundations land clearing, concrete removal, and disposal services as part of our all-inclusive excavation service package. If you need work done on your landscaping projects, removal of old tree stumps or cleaning up of concrete debris, our team can assist you. Our company provides emergency excavation services as well as trenching for utility lines. We use all the tools at our disposal to give you a full range of excavation services. Without knowledge and expertise, we can clear and prepare any area of land that you might need to begin working on. Give our customer service team a call for a quote and we’ll provide you with a reliable timeline for the excavation and removal of materials from your site.

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