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professional concrete services expert working on house concrete

The residential concrete service team encompasses various services related to real estate, indoor and outdoor development and repair and patching services for your home or rental property. Our team works with contractors and customers to ensure that the level of quality, timely delivery of services and overall professional project work suits customers’ needs, budgets, and deadlines. We handle concrete pouring, design, maintenance and repair for residential customers. We also take our customers through the intricate process of the pool, deck and pathway paving and concrete patio construction. Concrete, Cement and Asphalt work for your yard area can be done within budget and our contractors ensure that deadlines are always met.


Entryways to your home or yard require concrete forming and slab work before the application of aesthetic or decorative elements. The concrete under tiling or decks needs to be stable and safe in order to prevent breakage, uneven sloping and moisture. Our team will work with you to design and construct suitable foundation concrete underneath and around your home’s entryways. We have been creating stunning entryways for years and with our help, our customers have been able to enjoy safe and secure designs of their choosing. Using a combination of design and process technique we can create and install beautiful entryways that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.


Our company has driveway design as one of the premium services that we offer for our customers who want a more solid and long-lasting look to their driveways. We offer both concrete and asphalt and our team has experience designing and pouring concrete for hundreds of customers. The process of putting in a driveway involves the preparation of land, the sourcing of materials, the design and organizing and the delivery of concrete. Our team can cover all of your driveway needs from a to z. We work hard to ensure that our customers get polished, smooth and solid driveways that are resistant to the elements.

Garage and shop floors

Floors are some of the highest-trafficked areas in a home. Garage and shop floors need to be safe, solid and build on an unmovable foundation. Our Garage and shop floor work includes concrete pouring, repair, and patching of floors. We work to make any damaged or uneven areas smooth and free of cracks, flaking or obstruction. Throughout Portland, our contractors have worked on my home and rental properties. If you're in need of building, maintenance or repair for your garage or shop give us a call and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote.


With our attention to detail, the skilled and committed staff we can install concrete for pools and outdoor areas at a reasonable rate. Our company focuses on quality. Pool design and planning can be a complex and involved process - one has to consider plumbing, leveling and design aspects for your yard in order to achieve the look you desire. Our team handles the excavations design, placement, and installation of pools. We communicate with our customers about various solutions to space, design, depth, and longevity of their pools so that you get exactly what you requested and more.

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