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About Our Business

professional concrete contractor during work

Portland Concrete Specialists has been serving the concrete needs of residents in the Portland area for years now. We specialize in the speedy delivery of professional concrete services. Concrete repair, patching as well as demolition and excavation are our bread and butter. Through the hard work and dedication of our team, we intend to provide all our customers with high quality, high performance, long-lasting concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, decks, and asphalt to name a few. Our company is leading the industry in innovation, service delivery, safety standards, and professionalism. We have long been considered the go-to concrete specialists when it comes to residential cement work, commercial sidewalk repair and municipal concrete repair.

Our approach to tackling large scale, often problematic, residential and commercial projects has earned us good standing among the residents of Portland, Oregon. We understand how daunting concrete related projects can be for the uninitiated. Making mistakes in the beginning stages of a project can have disastrous results; not just financially but structurally. Let our team of highly trained concrete specialists take care of this difficult and dangerous task. We ensure fantastic work conditions, fast delivery of services, excellent customer service and quality work. We have worked on hundreds of municipal, commercial and residential sites, many of which can be seen locally in Portland, Don’t allow critical projects to be done by just anyone. You need the best in the business and our company ensures that we always deliver for our customers.

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