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professional concrete contractor working on decorative project

Decorative concrete flooring is used in both residential and commercial properties. Municipal buildings as well as industrial areas can benefit from the aesthetic improvements that decorative concrete services can provide. Portland Concrete Specialists works with contractors who are trained in functional and aesthetic concrete workmanship. We build great looking structures, flooring, driveways and patios and walls for customers in Portland. With our help, the city of Portland has been able to beautify its surroundings with minimal cost to taxpayers. We pride ourselves on providing fantastic looks work that's structurally strong using the finest materials.


The standard look of a patio can be greatly enhanced by decorative concrete work. Our team has been working for years, developing and implementing techniques that take into consideration our clients’ budgets, time and material requirements. Decorating patio work includes the stamping of color as well as patterns to improve the appearance of bland concrete surfaces. Keeping your home and business looking fresh and differentiating your buildings from your competitors can be achieved with excellent looking patios. Our customer service staff receive several inquiries a day for quick and effective decorative work - we can help with any of your patio needs.


Decorative services for concrete services may include acid washing, overlays, and grouting. Acid washing involves the removal of stains as we alter the texture of the concrete surfaces of driveways and walkways. Our team using cost-effective, environmentally friendly methods is able to achieve dramatic visual changes and improvements. Using overlays requires minimal time and cost is required to get the results that our customer wants. Our team’s solutions are durable and will remain resistant to wear and tear for many years. In addition to these services, we are able to repair previous decorative work done on your driveway.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces are often neglected. Our company has years of experience improving concrete paving, ground cover, and patio areas. Depending on the type of look that you are going for, our team can assist with the design and installation of concrete. We provide stamped, skim coated, textured and stenciled overlays for both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you need advice or clarification on a particular design option for your outdoor area, give us a call and our specialists will take the time to go through the numerous options we have for you. Our staff will lead you through the process sequentially to give you the full picture of what our work will involve.


Concrete walls can be smoothed to create beautiful concrete finishing. With a variety of colors and patterns, our company is able to turn your building walks from drab and bland to eye-catching and vibrant looking surfaces. The coating is applied to buildings in order to reduce heating and cooling costs but also to improve the appearance of a company, shop or municipal property. Our decorative wall services have helped building owners improve property values and increase profits. It is important to consider all aspects of property design, our decorative team ensures that your vision for your walls and outdoor areas is achieved.

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